5 WordPress CMS Plugins You may use in your small business websites

A website’s back end or CMS (Content Management System) is its backbone. Without the administrative options provided by the CMS, company personnel could only perform a fraction of the tasks the platform has to offer.

Functions such as appointment forms, event signups, and other major interactive items are usually handled through plugins activated within the CMS. These plugins also enable marketing professionals to perform a variety of tasks.

Plugins assist with email marketing, video embedding, creation of infographics and banner ads, seamless blogging, analytics, social media integration, and more.

WordPress is one of many well-integrated CMS platforms for a vast array of plugins, and is largely considered the most popular available CMS. Consider optimizing your hosting plan if you choose WordPress to maximize the benefits of the following five WordPress CMS plugins for marketing.

Activate this plugin immediately if your company writes a newsletter, runs an email blast campaign, or in any way communicates with customers on the basis of subscription. This do-it-all plugin masterfully and intuitively assists with every part of the blast campaign process.

Customers or readers can choose which communications to subscribe to, how to receive the information, and more. From behind the scenes, your firm can decide how to schedule communications, whether or not reply should be available, and many other options.

This inclusive plugin is a marketer’s dream for lead generation and current customer engagement. The idea is to use relevant data to determine the best possible times and avenues for contacting potential and current customers, and then drafting content that will be valuable for those individuals.

Target your market carefully to avoid coming across as too stuffy or casual, and use language that will be appropriate for your ideal demographic. MailChimp also enables seasonal communications – such as birthday emails, holiday deals, and more – that will arrive in a timely fashion and be useful to customers.

It will incentivize clients, who can interact with you without feeling hassled or irritated.

check-broken-links.gif (600×204)

Broken Link Checker 
One of the most effective ways to drive customers away from your website is if they encounter a bunch of broken links. When they’re trying to find specific content and can’t, that’s an inconvenience… which doesn’t improve their perception of you.

Further, customers will not believe your website is properly managed and up to date, which will turn them away. This plugin prevents all that by scouring your site for inadequacies so you don’t have to.

Use this plugin to ensure your website functions at its best. Customers can peruse every part of your site without being redirected or locked out of information that otherwise would have converted the lead into a sale.

Nothing is more embarrassing than directing a potential or current customer to a part of your website that does not exist, as far as they’re able to see.


Google Analytics
Imagine everything you want to know about your customer base is at your fingertips. In fact, Google Analytics is a well-organized platform that includes every detail that can be harvested for use by marketers.

With this plugin, you can enjoy the benefits of the Google Analytics interface on the WordPress dashboard for more streamlined data mining and use. Utilize mined data such as customer traffic patterns, mobile usage, and site visits by age, location, and more to inform market retargeting, keywords, and other optimization efforts.

Identify the sources of your website traffic so you can strategically delegate more effort into marketing channels that are working particularly well. You can find every bit of information in one place with this plugin. Google Analytics is widely recommended as a must-have for almost any company, and is, according to iPage blogger Jessica Ann, “easily the most popular analytics tool in use today.”

seo-friendly-website.jpg (571×350)

SEO-Friendly Images
Every company in your industry is vying for the top spot in Google’s search results. Being among the top competitors takes a lot of forethought and analysis to make sure your content is optimized, keywords are purposeful, and so forth.

One great way to create content that Google recognizes and endorses is through image optimization. Creating keyword-dense alt tags for images can give your company a boost in its climb to the top of Mt. Google.

This plugin automatically populates your title tags and image tags as soon as you upload your media. You no longer have to lose time on other projects by tediously entering every specific keyword tag; the task will not be left undone or neglected.

This is especially useful for companies with product photos or those who upload continuously to a gallery or portfolio.

Pop-ALL.jpg (500×230)

Popup Domination
Have you notice that every website has an automatic popup these days, which asks you to sign up for something or offers some other type of feedback? These companies are motivated by a desire to achieve a greater rapport and level of interaction with their customers or readers.

Some popups are flashy and overdone, while others match well with the style of the website and clearly communicate their request for interaction.

You want to be the company with the successful entry popup, and you can employ subtlety with assistance from the Popup Domination plugin. It helps to create website popups and deploy them at any point in your customer’s site navigation experience, and offers templates that look and feel more professional than many others.

The popup you create will be the ultimate CTA for your website.

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