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Former Small Business Entrepreneur Leah Kalanguka Poultry Farmer Crowned Miss Uganda

A former small business entrepreneur of mushroom and poultry farmer has been crowned Miss Uganda following a major rebranding of the annual beauty pageant, now designed to promote agriculture in the east African nation. Leah Kalanguka, 23, beat off 19 other finalists after a competition that saw the glamour of the catwalk ditched for an army-sponsored boot camp on a farm, where contestants had to milk cows and work with goats and sheep. “The youth willRead More

Young entrepreneur ‘gloves’ his way to $8 million mark—and beyond

Source: Justin Stephens Young entrepreneur Brian Lim, founder of EmazingLights.

Brian Lim isn’t your typical “glover.” What is “gloving,” exactly? Young Entrepreneur Lim didn’t know either, until his then girlfriend and now fiancee got him into the trend in 2010. Gloving is a form of dancing typically showcased at raves or large parties or festivals, and electronic dance music events. Dancers face off wearing gloves that have lights on the gloves’ fingertips. Lim, now 27, has the glove dance moves down, plus a multimillion-dollar business,Read More

Micro financing aims to facilitate small business entrepreneur said Pervaiz Khattak

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister, Pervaiz Khattak said that provincial government has established first Islamic Microcredit Division by providing an amount of rupees one billion to facilitate small business entrepreneurs in the province. He was talking to new Chief Executive of Bank of Khyber, Shamsul Qayum at CM Secretariat here Sunday. He said that the division would work under Bank of Khyber and facilitate about 100 thousands entrepreneurs by Islamic Micro Financing adding the ambit ofRead More

WordPress D5C Web Themes and the Best Accounting Software for Small Business

We have knew many things about that how a start and management system of small business and procedure to develop website for small business by using many WordPress web developers like D5 Creation. But when your business fully launched and your products and services is available into market, you will have to use accounting software. This software should make your work more easy and not consume your valuable times. Today everything is very closely related with computer,Read More

The Important Role of Female Small Business Owners

Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg sparked a national conversation recently, when she called for women to “lean in” and pursue their careers aggressively. While opinions are strong—and they vary—one thing all should be able to agree on is that entrepreneurship and business ownership are good things for women. In fact, if recent research is any indication, more women entrepreneurs is a good thing for everyone in the community: men and women. Let’stake a lookRead More

Small Business Entrepreneur: Making Business Plan

A prevailing opinion in the small business community is that business plans are for dinosaurs and nimble startups no longer need them. When I started Fundastic about a year ago, I listened to this advice and jumped into incorporating my company and started building the product. In the process, I also recruited two co-founders who were on payroll. We found ourselves in a mess only 4 months into the venture. Our originally idea of helpingRead More