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Yahoo Small Biz Exec on Going Digital

With nearly 80 percent of Americans using the Internet, the days of small businesses being able to survive without an online presence are over. No one knows this better than Yahoo! Small Business General Manager Thomas Byun, who has spent the last decade consulting small businesses and has seen the shift in consumers’ methods of finding the businesses they want to patronize. While they used to be much more loyal to local stores, Byun saysRead More

Exclusive: Bye-bye Facebook, the future of social media for small businesses

New social media makes communication far easier than the Enigma code Photograph: Alamy

It’s 3am in 2016. Bleary-eyed, you stumble away from your desk, switch off the desk light and pick up your phone to set an alarm for the morning. You decide to log on to your social media site to see if you have any messages. But the background isn’t blue, it’s yellow. Welcome to next-gen social media. Social media entrepreneurs are coming up with ingenious ways to stay connected, and the common denominator of newRead More

What is ERP? Does It Have a Place In Small Business?

The internet has really opened up things for small businesses all across the globe. Because of the proliferation of the cloud, smaller enterprises can compete with the bigwigs and tap into markets that only were previously available to larger companies with more locations. This new era of competition has made running a small business increasingly difficult, and many of them have outgrown QuickBooks and other simple accounting software. A new wave of online commerce isRead More

How To Use A Customer Database to Grow Your Business

Ramon Ray, editor of recently sat down with Ashley Meyers of the Wells Fargo Business Insight series to discuss the importance of using a customer database to grow your business. During this live audio interview, Ramon discusses four ways every small business can use a customer database to grow their business, along with tips on what types of information you should be collecting and strategic ways to use that information to convert one time customersRead More

10 Free Twitter Plugins for WordPress Could Integrate to Your Small Business Website

Whether you’re a Twitter superstar or just want to be one, Twitter plugins for WordPress can take your results to a higher level. From Plugins that add “Tweet This” functionality to widgets that display your Twitter timeline, you’ll find oodles of social boosting features in the list below. Best of all, they’re free! About the only type of plugin you won’t find in this list are simple social sharing buttons. If you’re interested in thoseRead More

Your Web Life Style with WordPress is Your Celebrity Life

Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, and LinkedIn are social network platforms in different level. It is one the most popular Craze for the young generation in the world that every young in school, college and university student should have a Facebook identity. Many a people also use twitter and Google plus, and LinkedIn is more popular among the professionals. But those platforms are not perfect at all to present yourself, your inner being and your creativity. IfRead More

Infographic of the Week: Which Social Network is Best for Your Small Business?

Infographics have become quite hot items. And it’s little wonder why – packed with lots of info and eye-catching visuals, they’re a super shareable piece of content. We’re constantly coming across great infographics that condense so much useful information into a digestable visual, and we thought it’s high-time we shared. This week, the infographic that caught (and kept) our attention was found on (the visual content gurus). It centers around social media for small businessRead More

How to Write a Business Plan

Planning for Success You’ve no doubt heard the expression, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” Many entrepreneurs write a business plan only when they need to secure start-up financing. However, your plan is far more than a document for banks and investors to read; it’s an invaluable roadmap for launching and growing your business. In order to put your business concept on paper, you need to think through and research the many factors thatRead More

Lawyer’s Chamber with a WordPress Website

Law practicing is a kind of social service including type of a small business all over the world. There have many district courts, state courts, metropolitan courts and national level high courts and supreme courts are remain in the every country. Now a days, people are also connected with the computer and internet technology. Even rural people also using internet through mobile phone, wherever don’t have internet connection nor even electricity. But everybody are very consciousRead More

Small Business Website with WordPress

Who want to be a self-reliant person by profession of any kind of small business, can explore you with WordPress web life style. Business opportunities are growth faster in the modern edge of internet and computer technology. What is value of your product and brand without work with internet? WordPress web engine are giving such opportunity to open a pioneer concept of your small business. Any kind of small business you hold with the webRead More