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A Look at the Future of Small Business Financing

When is it going to get easier to get cash—and what do we do meanwhile? Those are the questions small-business owners have struggled with since the economy took a nose dive. Many banks reacted to the financial crisis by tightening their standards, driving entrepreneurs toward other sources of financing, such as alternative lenders and crowdfunding. Now, despite the slow but steady recovery, it’s still tough for many small firms to get a traditional loan. So,Read More

Running a small business like basketball

Running a small business like basketball

Q: Steve – Reading your column I get that you are a sports fan. I love to use sports analogies in my business and when I speak with my staff – I find that it is relatable. Glad to see you do the same. Do you have a favorite? — Bill A: Well, I did graduate from UCLA, but unfortunately attended after the glory days of Bruin basketball under legendary coach John Wooden. But evenRead More

Benefits of Small Business Management

Small business management is a process entrepreneurs use when running their business operations. Small business management often requires entrepreneurs to have a wide variety of knowledge or understanding relating to business topics. Entrepreneurs may need to understand how to manage employees, accurately report financial information, acquire economic resources or business assets, and make various business decisions. Entrepreneur and business owners are usually required to complete these functions because they may not have enough capital toRead More

Small Business Management Tips

Managing a small business means managing your time, resources and employees as effectively as possible. Learning new ways to better manage the various aspects of your business can make your business more productive, and your life easier. Aggressive Management Sometimes pays to be aggressive when managing your business, especially if you find yourself consistently chasing the competition. Learn to work outside your own personal comfort zone and be prepared to take risks you would notRead More

Principal Features of Small Business Management

Small business management requires individuals to have a wide variety of business knowledge and understanding. Business owners must often learn new skills as they work in a company and expand its operations. Individuals can often take college courses, attend seminars or review websites to increase their knowledge a small business management. Business owners may also consult with other owners or review information from the Small Business Administration (SBA) regarding small business management techniques. Leadership BusinessRead More