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Small Business Size Standards and Definition regards

Small Business Definition regards Learn about the definition of – and qualifications for – a small business and why it’s important to know your status. SBA has established numerical definitions of small businesses, or “size standards,” for all for-profit industries. Size standards represent the largest size that a business (including its subsidiaries and affiliates) may be to remain classified as a small business concern. In determining what constitutes a small business, the definition will varyRead More

Small Business Primer – Understanding Small Business Size Standards and Affiliation

This training module describes what size standards are, how they are established, why they are important, how they are used, where to find them and how to determine if a specific business concern is considered a small business.  It also describes what is meant by affiliation and how such affiliations can impact the size of a business.  See the Government Contracting Classroom for more training options. Duration: 00:25:01 Text based accessible version Workbook BEGIN COURSE

The Midterm Elections: A Small-Business Primer

Think back to this time last fall, and you’ll remember Congress had shut down the federal government over a budget impasse, and political sniping led to the nation nearly defaulting on its debt. Both scenarios created huge headaches and uncertainty in the U.S. and for small business owners. Now with Election Day just three weeks away, some small business owners are wondering whether a similar firestorm is on the horizon. To find out more, IRead More