By Maura Schreier-Fleming

Small Steps Lead to Big Sales

What are the small steps you can take that will lead you to big sales? Here are some ideas that you can implement to increase your sales:

Change your sales process. You know that it’s easier to sell to prospects that are referred to you. Why not change your sales process? That’s your first small step. Ask for a referral after every sale and an appropriate period of time. Of course, this means you must do a great job so that you earn the referral.

Most sales people do work hard. They do earn the referral. They just simply don’t ask for it. It’s a small enough step to change your process and remember to ask.

Put your boss to work. Your manager can be a valuable selling tool. You could be more persuasive when you and your manager are selling together. That would be a small step to take.  Prospects and customers perceive that they are more important when you bring your manager to a sales call. That makes them more likely to buy.

Your manager could offer you another perspective on your selling strategies and selling skills and critique your work after your sales calls. You might gain additional insight to improve your sales performance. Your manager will see how well your customers think of you and gain additional respect for your skills. A supportive manager makes your selling success more likely.

Think multi-purpose. It’s more efficient if you can use your work over and over again. Your next small step to sell is to think about what work that you’ve produced that you can use again.

For example, when a customer gives you a compliment, that’s an opportunity to get that compliment put into a testimonial letter. When a customer tells you in a testimonial letter that you produce specific results, you get to use that letter when you sell to other prospects. You are more persuasive when other people say the things about you that you would like to say about yourself. You have just shortened your sales cycle.

You could also use parts of those customer quotes on your website. With your customers’ permission, you could use their quotes in your marketing materials. Each new selling situation would benefit from the same piece of work that would be used multiple times.

Big goals aren’t achieved in one quick step. Before you can lose 100 pounds, you have to lose the first pound. You won’t successfully run a marathon, unless you can complete the first mile. Successful selling is no different. It’s the small steps you take that lead you to big sales.

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