A small business can be as easy as starting an eBay business!

Small Business: buying and selling at eBay.com

Having your own small business can be as easy as starting an eBay business, buying and selling at eBay.com, the best online auction marketplace.

eBay was founded in 1995, and is made up of buyers and sellers, regular people like you and me. There is still no place else where starting a small business is made so easy.

Whatever means you choose to sell, online, offline at a storefront, or from a home-based small business, the key factor determining your success will be the amount of traffic you are able to attract to your business.

Even having your own website business does not guarantee instant success, because it will take time, know-how, and hard work to build consistent traffic and a profitable business, probably one or more years.

However, because eBay already has the traffic, when you buy into it, you are immediately buying into all that traffic, and terrific selling tools too!

If you have a good product that people really want, starting an eBay business can be the quickest way to success. There are other great reasons to start an eBay business:

Starting an eBay Business Has Many More Advantages

  • Starting an eBay business is among the quickest, easiest, and best ways to make money working from home.
  • It offers you opportunity to spend your days working within an area that you love. Do you enjoy working with a computer and the challenge of becoming a sales entrepreneur?
  • And how about having the ability to choose your own working routine. Once you have made the decision and left behind the old 9-5 routine, you will find yourself able to choose your own work schedule.
  • Do you work best in the mornings? Great! You can start bright and early and take the afternoons off. Are you a night owl? Sleep-in each morning, start your eBay work after lunch and work into the evening. Whatever works for you, works for eBay too!
  • You could start by selling products on eBay just part time keeping your full time job, selling merchandise in the evenings and generating an well appreciated second income.

Getting Started!
How to Sell on eBay

  • after registering on eBay, go to http://ebay.com and before you began selling, do tons of research; if you have not already done so, get to know the eBay.com website thoroughly, in detail, including their fee schedule.
  • Know what sells well on eBay. For example, house wares are always selling well (but select any category you want). From any eBay page under the Category pull down menu at top of page (or from menus in left margin), select Home & Garden / Yard, Garden & Outdoor Living / Outdoor Cooking & Eating (use menus in left hand margin to refine search for each selection). Then in left margin of the “Outdoor Cooking & Eating” page, scroll further down and click on “Completed Listings.”
  • Scroll down and find those items sold that had lots of bids or sales. These will be items that are popular and selling the best. This is one direct and easy way to research and find the types of products that might be the most profitable for you to sell on eBay.
  • Research the sellers of popular items you have found. Study eBay members that are successful (many times these are eBay “Power Sellers”) by studying the content and design of their listings.
  • Look also for sellers that were not successful and try to determine why they were not successful in selling their item by examining such things as the listings content, style, particular item being sold, and its asking price.

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