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Business License Compliance Handbook

The Business License Compliance Handbook is a helpful document for small to medium sized business owners. The Business License Compliance Handbook can be downloaded without charge from Business Licenses, LLC.

Almost every business operating in the United States of America is required to maintain multiple business licenses, permits, and tax registrations with the government. That’s a tall order when you consider that there are 55 states and territories, over 3,000 counties and parishes, approximately 36,000 municipalities, and over 35,000 special purpose districts that overlay these governmental authorities.

Every one of these entities has the authority to require a license, permit, or registration. They often do. No doubt this predicament is already provoking some pesky questions (and a little heartburn). Says, the company, “Here at Business Licenses, LLC, we do business license compliance all day long for high-tech, low-tech, and no-tech companies. To help you cut through the red tape inherent in business license compliance, we’ve gathered the most frequently asked questions by tax, legal, and compliance departments.”

About Business Licenses, LLC

Business Licenses, LLC has spent the past decade serving over 11,000 clients, including many of the Fortune 500, with its business license compliance software, services, andoutsourcing offerings. Its unparalleled knowledge and experience make it the leading end-to-end U.S. provider to companies of all sizes looking for assistance with their governmental business license compliance needs.

According to the company, “Headquartered in N.Y., Business Licenses, LLC is the leading end-to-end governmental business license compliance company in the U.S.  We offer research, advisory, outsourcing, and software services to companies of all sizes looking for assistance with their licensing or permitting needs. Over the past decade, we have served over 11,000 clients, including many of the Fortune 500.

“Our worldwide staff of over 100 includes experienced attorneys and paralegals who are expertly familiar with domestic and Canadian licensing requirements. Our staff excels in state and local government compliance, research, licensing laws and regulations as well as software development, systems, web development, and customer service.

“Business Licenses, LLC places special emphasis on providing relevant and current resources to enterprises by automating and streamlining business license compliance operations.  Our services include industry-leading solutions, such as our BLMS –  Business License Management System® and LAPEL – License and Permit Online Electronic Library®.”

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